Batman gets a new origin in this middle-grade OGN

Bruce Wayne: Not Super cover art
Bruce Wayne: Not Super cover art (Image credit: DC)

DC just announced two Batman-centric middle-grade graphic novels for release in 2023, and one will offer alternative origins for multiple heroes in the DC Universe while the other explores one superfan's way of honoring his favorite Justice League hero.

Bruce Wayne: Not Super (Image credit: DC Comics)

Bruce Wayne: Not Super, written by Stuart Gibbs with art by Berat Peckmezci, is slated for release in February 2023. The story follows 13-year-old Bruce as he attempts to navigate private school where everyone has superpowers but him. He wants to make an impact on the world but doesn't think it's possible without powers. Then he learns that two bullies, Jack Napier and Bane, are shaking kids down for their money. Bruce sets aside his worrying and instead steps in, allowing him to embrace the power he has – even if it's not blatant like it is for some of his classmates.

Also featuring characters like the Flash, Aquaman, and Dick Grayson, Bruce Wayne: Not Super establishes our favorite heroes as school-age kids with chips on their shoulders.

Fann Club: Batman Squad (Image credit: DC Comics)

To train, they must master the arts of Scowling, Standing Mysteriously on A Roof, and going on neighborhood patrol. He also gives them each codenames: he's Gerbilwing, Jack is Nightstand, Harriet is Nightshadow, and the dog gets to keep his name (Westy).

Unfortunately, these skills only get them so far when Ernest and Jack, AKA Gerbilwing and Nightstand, respectively, visit a bank that's in the middle of a robbery. Their neighborhood has been getting increasingly hit by these, and the Batman Squad is determined to save the day – but how?

Bruce Wayne: Not Super goes on sale February 7, 2023, and Fann Club: The Batman Squad goes on sale June 6, 2023.

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