Batman Begins: First ever shots!

Millionaire, industrialist, crime fighter and philanthropist: yes, Bruce Wayne has it all, except for his marbles.

While being full of brain-wrong doesn't seem to have hurt the dollar-rich but screw-deficient freak, how he ended up in this state does make for an interesting tale - and that's exactly where the Batman Begins.

Named after the forthcoming film (which is due for release in June), this stealthy adventure is one of those games that the world has heard much about but seen very little of. Now we can change that because we've managed to obtain these five guano-hot screens from the loony's lair.

So while the wealthy weirdo is out barking at traffic or chasing pigeons around the town square, cast your receptive retinas over these screens and rejoice.

Batman Begins will be released in the autumn for Gamecube, PS2, Xbox, GBA and PSP