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Batman: Arkham City devs tease a fan-favorite for new DLC

We like Batman just fine here at GamesRadar, which is lucky because otherwise we'd probably get thrown off the Internet. So when Rocksteady teased (opens in new tab) new content for the game in the form of this enigmatic boots 'n' mallet image, it took about two seconds to conclude that Harley Quinn was probably bound for the game. Particularly as everyone online was all “hey look it's Harley Quinn, Harley Quinn's in Arkham City, there's Harley Quinn's feet, probably attached to Harley Quinn.”

Admittedly, this isn't the first tease we've had of the upcoming lady-villain: a recent Batman: Arkham City DLC leak suggests (opens in new tab) the character will probably figure in single-player missions for Robin. “So excited to see all the speculation around our tease today,” tweeted (opens in new tab) Rocksteady community manager Sarah Wellock shortly after the pic was released. If you have speculations other than “soon Harley Quinn will be in Arkham Asylum,” please share them below; when someone plans you a nice surprise, it's always polite to act like you had no idea it was coming.