Batman and Robin and Howard star in new Jeffrey Brown OGN from DC

Batman and Robin and Howard
(Image credit: Jeffrey Brown (DC))

Writer/artist Jeffrey Brown will make his DC debut with a middle-grade OGN later this year titled Batman and Robin and Howard.

And while Batman is the first name in the title of this OGN, it's Robin (Damien Wayne) as the star of this title - as he begins attending a new school and has to deal with an overbearing dad (Batman) and the smartest kid in school (Howard).

"... Batman and Robin and Howard is a hilarious, heartwarming tale that follows a young Damian as he starts a new school after being sidelined by his superhero dad - Bruce Wayne, a.k.a Batman," reads DC's description of the OGN. 

"Damian must navigate being the new kid while also learning how to be a regular kid as he attempts to make friends at Gotham Metro Academy. From the classroom to the soccer field, Damian is certain his new surroundings have nothing to teach him - so he is completely unprepared for the challenge he finds in Howard, the smartest and most athletic kid in school."

Here's a preview of the book:

Brown is the author of the bestselling Star Wars book series Jedi Academy as well as Darth Vader and Son. He's also known for his creator-owned books including Incredible Change-Bots, Bighead, and Clumsy. Batman and Robin and Howard will be Brown's first work for DC, although Jeff Lemire drew him in his Sweet Tooth series in an uncredited cameo.

(Image credit: Jeffrey Brown (DC))

"It was really exciting to have a chance to make a book with Batman - a character I've enjoyed seeing so many different versions of - but it turned out what I enjoyed even more was writing a story that showed Robin's character, beyond the sidekick surface," Brown says in the announcement. 

"I wanted to take these superheroes out of their element a little, show how they might struggle in the real world like the rest of us - or maybe show how the rest of us can have a heroic side, too. And when Robin meets Howard, I thought readers might see that a friendly rivalry can be better than a rivalry, but sometimes just being friends is the best."

Batman and Robin and Howard goes on sale on November 9.

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