Back to the Future gets performance patch and temporary price-cut on iOS

Telltale Games has announced a major patch for the iOS versions of its Back to the Future: The Game episodes. To mark the update, which Telltale promises will deliver “significant performance increases, graphical improvements and minor bug fixes,” the title has had a temporary price-cut. Until the end of September, each of the game's five episodes will be available on the App Store for $2.99.

Back To the Future: The Game spans a five-episode plot that functions as both backstory and side-plot to the movies. With a storyline by original BttF screenwriter Bob Gale, the episodes feature Christopher Lloyd as present-day Doc Brown and a cameo appearance from Michael J Fox. On the off chance that you can't afford $37,500 for a pair of BttF2 replica shoes – or build a time machine to and travel to 1986 – the games may just be the closest you can come to experiencing the movies for yourself. Here's Episode 1 on the App Store.

Sep 27, 2011