Back to the Future: The Game coming to Wii

Remember in the year 2010, when Telltale said they were not bringing their Back to the Future point-and-click adventure to Wii? Well, they must have fired up their DeLorean and fiddled with temporal events because Back to the Future: The Game will be available on Wii later this month, compiling Telltale’s episodic adventure series with all five episodes on one disc.

Lacking the HD resolution of the PC version, the game plays the same as it did on the PC, but now players will have full control using the Wii remote. Areas can be navigated using the Wii remote’s D-pad or clicking spots on-screen like traditional point and click adventures.

Gameplay revolves around exploring the environment to find clues and solve puzzles using items and interacting with characters using a dialogue tree. For instance, in episode one, Marty tricks the bully Biff into blasting himself into a wall with the electric guitar and amp, leaving Marty free to snatch Doc’s notebook Biff was carrying. Players will be able to revisit familiar locations and meet characters from the movies as Marty discovers what happened to Doc after the events of the third movie.

So, if you’ve missed out before, this is a great opportunity to play the entire Back to the Future: The Game series and not have to deal with downloading each individual episode.

Back to the Future: The Game will be available at retail for the Wii on October 25 for the bargain price of $19.99.

Oct 7, 2011

Lorenzo Veloria

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