Back 4 Blood's Expansion 2 will include Act 5 and a creepy cult compound

4 well-equipped Cleaners looks up at a spooky cult compound silhouetted against a dark, threatening sky
(Image credit: Turtle Rock Studios)

Back 4 Blood developers Turtle Rock Studios has dropped a sneaky hint at what's coming up in the zombie game's next big expansion.

Although Turtle Rock couldn't confirm when, exactly, we'd be able to play it - the team only said that while it would "love to confirm the release date", it needed "a bit more time" - it did offer a tantalizing tease about what's on the way, including a screenshot that sees our intrepid Cleaners approach what looks like the base of a creepy cult compound.

"We'd love to confirm the release date for our Expansion 2, but we need a bit more time," reads Turtle Rock's teasing tweet. 

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"It's an exciting update and we're so pumped, it's been like a cult around these parts - some of us are so giddy that we Act like we're 5. Stay tuned and thanks for the continued support!"

With furtive references to a cult - not to mention that curious capitalization of the word "act" - it seems as though Act 5 will release with the next expansion.

Don't forget that Expansion 2 - and 3, for that matter - are included at no extra cost for Annual Pass holders. 

Shortly after release, Turtle Rock Studios had to assure fans that it was committed to getting Back 4 Blood's difficulty levels "just right" after "issues and bugs" made the game "far more difficult than intended". 

The studio said at the time that it heard "your concerns about the game's difficulty across all platforms" and while "a bit of difficulty can add a lot of replayability", it admitted that "there [were] issues and bugs we’ve encountered in development that are making it far more difficult than intended".

"Difficulty needs to be our 'baby bear' in Back 4 Blood’s Goldilocks story," Turtle Rock explained. "It needs to be 'just right'.

"We want it tense. We want it challenging. We want you barely squeaking into the saferoom with a horde hot on your heels and you feeling that rush. We do not want it unmanageable. We do not want it to be unfair. That is our mission."

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