Babylon director: Its pure violence and stupidity

French film director Mathieu Kassovitz has lashed out against his own movie, claiming “it’s pure violence and stupidity” and “parts of the movie are like a bad episode of 24."

“I'm very unhappy with the film," he told . "I never had a chance to do one scene the way it was written or the way I wanted it to be. The script wasn't respected. Bad producers, bad partners, it was a terrible experience."

"The scope of the original book was quite amazing," he continued. "The author was very much into geopolitics and how the world is going to evolve. He saw that as wars evolve, it won't be just about territories any more, but money-driven politics. As a director it's something that's very attractive to do.”

Kassovitz lies the blame solely on Fox, the studio behind the movie. According to the director, Fox interfered with the editing of the film, cutting it down by 15 minutes to its current 93 minutes running time.

"I should have chosen a studio that has guts," the director added. "Fox was just trying to get a PG-13 movie. I'm ready to go to war against them, but I can't because they don't give a s--t."