Babylon 5 Creator Teams With Wachowski Warship For New TV Show

What is Sense8 ? Well, apart from a new hour-long drama TV series proposal currently being shopped to various networks by Babylon 5 creator JM Straczynski and The Matrix creators Wachowski Warship*, nobody really knows yet.

Variety reports that Andy And Lana Wachowski – whose epic-looking Cloud Atlas is just about to be unleashed into cinemas – have teamed up with Straczynski for Sense8 , which going by the pedigree behind it and the title must be sci-fi, surely? Straczynski would serve as showrunner, and that the Wachowskis would likely direct several episodes themselves.

Straczynski is a busy man at the moment, with a new version of Dracula in development at Starz, and a pandemic-themed thriller in development at ABC.

After Cloud Atlas the Wachowski Warship* will start prepping its next film, Jupiter Ascending , for production.

(* We’re not entirely sure whether Andy and Lana were being serious when they recently requested that they be referred to as Wachowski Warship, but we love the idea!)

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Dave Golder
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