Axiom Verge 2 leads the many games launching on Nintendo Switch today

Long-awaited sequel Axiom Verge 2 will launch later today as part of a wave of indies primarily tied to Nintendo Switch. 

The original Axiom Verge is still one of the best and most unnerving Metroidvanias you can play today, so its direct successor (which is sort of a prequel) has set tongues wagging. As solo developer Thomas Happ clarified (opens in new tab), while Axiom Verge 2's surprise launch was announced during today's Nintendo Indie World showcase, it's also launching on PS4 and PC (via the Epic Games Store). Just last week, Happ teased more about the game's multi-dimensional world, and now we're suddenly hours away from exploring it ourselves. 

Axiom Verge 2 is one of many games due for a surprise Switch launch. Boyfriend Dungeon, a dating sim crossed with a dungeon-crawler where you can romance your weapons of choice, is also out later today. A remastered and expanded edition of Necrobarista, a well-received visual novel about sharing coffee with the dead, will arrive alongside it as a timed console exclusive.

We're not done yet, either. Next up, we've got Garden Story, an adorable action game that looks like The Legend of Zelda if Link was a grape in a cuter world, which is also launching on Switch today as a timed console exclusive. Likewise, the console edition of Islanders, a tranquil building sim and settlement sandbox, is out today as a timed console exclusive. 

To round things out, we've got the perfectly named Plortable Edition of the slimy farm sim Slime Rancher and the Switch release of Curious Expedition 2. These surprise releases gave today's altogether delightful indie showcase quite the kick, and they've absolutely terrorized our backlogs. 

Here are all 19 games announced at the August Nintendo indie show.

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