AXE: Death to Mutants #1 preview ramps up the violence between the X-Men and Eternals

 AXE: Death to Mutants #1 art
AXE: Death to Mutants #1 art (Image credit: Marvel Comics)

Marvel Comics is ramping up AXE: Judgment Day, which puts the Avengers in the middle of a fight between the Eternals and X-Men as the Eternals try to wipe out mutantkind due to their belief that mutants are offshoots of the Deviants. On August 17, the event expands with a tie-in three-issue limited series titled AXE: Death to Mutants.

Here's a preview of AXE: Death to Mutants #1:

Death to Mutants is written by Judgment Day lead writer Kieron Gillen, with art from Guiu Vilanova.

Judgment Day focuses on a conflict between the Eternals and mutants, with the Eternals recently coming to the belief that mutants are genetically related to the Eternals' ancient enemies the Deviants - and Death to Mutants seems to spell out exactly what they have planned for the X-Men and Krakoa.

According to the publisher, since mutants are Deviants and Eternals are literally programmed coded to correct excess deviation, the Eternals set out to fulfill their programming, which is to wipe out the now-eternal, Mars-colonizing, "ever-spreading" mutants.

 AXE: Death to Mutants #1 cover (Image credit: Marvel Comics)

In other words, the Eternals are basically Sentinels now. 

Death to Mutants examines the conflict that exists in the Eternals hierarchy. They know what they've been programmed to do, but many among their ranks don't want to. But can they resist their Sentinel-like murderous programming coded into their bodies?

And if they can't, and in a bit of irony, will the Eternal even survive the upcoming Celestial judgment? 

AXE: Death to Mutants #1 goes on sale August 17.

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