Awesomenauts DLC characters revealed

While digging through the game's code, a forum-goer over at GameFAQs said he found pictures of two new characters suspected of being DLC unlockables for future updates.

Awesomenauts developer Ronimo Games has previously said that they have characters that they are planning to release as free DLC, and it's possible these are two of the characters.

They've got more than just pictures though. The purported reveal also includes stats and info on the two characters: Derpl Zork and Coco Nebulon. The former is said to be a faster tank than Clunk (the game's other tank class) that also has snares that lock enemies in place. The latter, Coco Nebulon, seems to be more of a fast-paced damage-dealer.

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And here's the picture Ronimo revealed earlier today of the no-longer-classified Coco Nebulon.