Award-winning Black creators unite for Shook! A Black Horror Anthology

The cover for Shook!
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David Walker, Rodney Barnes and John Jennings are just three of the big name creators involved in Shook! A Black Horror Anthology from Dark Horse Comics and Second Sight Publishing. The new 200-page book promises 13 terrifying tales all inspired by a shared love of Southern Gothic storytelling.

Although Dark Horse/Second Sight has yet to reveal the full contents of the book, they have teased two of the stories. 

In The Last March, by Killadelphia's Rodney Barnes and David Brame, a group of klansmen attempt a lynching, but find themselves in deep trouble. And in Tasty Itch, by Bradley Golden and Flavio Cortés, a group of starving survivors in a post-apocalyptic world must find shelter before the sun goes down or they will face a far more terrifying threat than just a lack of food...

The cover for the Shook! anthology.

(Image credit: Dark Horse Comics)

"The Shook! project is a collaboration between John Jennings, Bradley Golden, and myself who all hail from the south," said the anthology's editor, and COO of Second Sight Publishing, Marcus Roberts. "John and Bradley are from Mississippi, and I am originally from Georgia. Our brand of horror has been called Southern Gothic horror and this has been in the making for two years."

The book is certainly off to an impressive start. Both Walker and Jennings are multiple Eisner Award-winners, and Barnes an Eisner nominee, as well as Peabody Award winner for his TV work. The press notes for the book also state that the anthology contains the largest collection of Glyph Comics Awards winners and nominees in a single publication.

Shook! A Black Horror Anthology will be published by Dark Horse Comics on February 29, 2024.

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