Avengers and X-Men put aside their differences for a team-up in Savage Avengers #24 preview

Savage Avengers #24
(Image credit: Marvel Comics)

It takes a lot to get the Avengers and the X-Men on the same page. They've feuded for decades, and right now we're in the middle of an investigation on the death of an Avenger by one of mutantkind's top figures in The Trial of Magneto. But an exception will be made for Kulan Gath.

The iconic sorcerer Kulan Gath returns in September 8's Savage Avengers #24, fresh off making a meal out of Shuma-Gorath. No matter how 'savage' the Savage Avengers are, they know when they need help - so in comes the cavalry.

Check out this preview of Savage Avengers #24 by writer Gerry Duggan, artist Patch Zircher, color artist Java Tartaglia, and letterer Travis Lanham:

(Image credit: Marvel Comics)

If you're wondering what the big deal is with Kulan Gath, we're here to help. Although strongly connected to Conan the Barbarian, he actually wasn't created by Robert E. Howard - he was created by Roy Thomas and Barry Windsor-Smith as a Marvel villain for Conan during their '70s Conan the Barbarian run.

Working as a sort of precursor to the Harry Potter franchise's chief villain Lord Voldemort, Kulan Gath is an unkillable magician sometimes nicknamed 'The Cannibal-Sorcerer,' who is known to come back from even the harshest of deaths in a mad pursuit to rule Earth. Although created in Marvel's Conan comics, he eventually branched out to face the Avengers and the X-Men both in their own titles. Now he seems to be on the cusp of his biggest attempt at world domination yet in Savage Avengers #24.

Savage Avengers #24 goes on sale on September 8.

Kulan Gath is one of the greatest Marvel villains - but did he make our shortlist of the best Marvel supervillains of all time? 

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