Author opens the book on film stars' lives

Did you know that Johnny Depp's selection of odd jobs before he became a professional actor included being a telemarketer for pens?

That Morgan Freeman's former life saw him work as a mechanic in the US Air Force? Or that Angelina Jolie's childhood dream was to become a funeral director? A new book aims to show us the secret life of film stars with facts just like that.

Hollywood Celebrities: Basic Things You've Always Wanted to Know, Vol. 1 is written by America's Got Talent 2008 quarter finalist Sati Achath and includes fun facts and hand-drawn caricatures of “everyone's favourite Hollywood icons”.

Fifty-five Hollywood celebrities who are currently active in the film industry get a mention, including biographical snapshots.

So prepare to learn about Daniel Day-Lewis's skills as a carpenter and cobbler, Whoopi Goldberg's work in a mortuary as a make-up artist for the dead and Pierce Brosnan's fire-eating circus profession.

We know which one of those we'd rather see as a party trick.

Check out a two-minute video on the book below.