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You can see Destiny 2's Leviathan Raid from the surface of Nessus now and it's the coolest thing

Everybody knew Destiny 2's world would change over time but dang. When the Leviathan Raid went live earlier today, players were surprised to find that you don't have to do the super-tough, six-player activity to get a good look at the giant ship it takes place on.

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All you have to do is travel to Nessus and look up into the sky.

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Yeah, that's a frickin' enormous spaceship.

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I love it when these semi-mythical activities still have a prominent, physical presence in the world of Destiny. Even as a little newbie Guardian, it was fun to ride my Sparrow past the entrance to the Vault of Glass on Venus and think about all the treacherous jumping puzzles and caverns waiting therein; some folks even managed to sneak inside without actually activating the Raid activity. 

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Unfortunately, it will probably be a bit harder to glitch into Leviathan from the surface of Nessus, given the fact that it definitely takes place in a different zone, tens of thousands of miles away. But something as relatively minor as an update to the sky does a ton for making Destiny 2 feel like a coherent world and really makes me appreciate Bungie's eye for detail.

As of this writing, no one has managed to claim the title of "World First" for clearing out the Leviathan Raid yet. But if previous experience with the original Destiny is anything to go by, that won't remain the case for long. Even if it's a little while before the Destiny 2 community puts Leviathan on farm status, at least we can all enjoy the view.

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