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XCOM: Enemy Unknown research and engineering guide

Other Research Projects

Many of the following research projects are story-related, though not all. Some are prerequisites for other research projects.

Research: Experimental Warfare

Requirements: None
Unlocks: Foundry facility, Phoenix Cannon, Alien Grenades project (Foundry)

Research: Weapon Fragments

Requirements: 5 weapon fragments
Unlocks: S.C.O.P.E. item (+10 aim), S.C.O.P.E. upgrade project (Foundry)

Research: Alien Materials

Requirements: 5 weapon fragments
Unlocks: Nano-Fiber Vest item (+3 HP)

Research: UFO Power Source

Requirements: 1 salvaged UFO Power Source
Unlocks: Elerium Generator facility

Research: Xeno-Biology

Requirements: 4 Sectoid corpses
Unlocks: Alien Containment facility

Research: Arc Thrower

Requirements: Xeno-Biology research, 10 weapon fragments
Unlocks: Arc Thrower item (stuns enemy for interrogation)

Research: Outsider Shard

Requirements: Xeno-Biology research
Unlocks: Skeleton Key (story-related item)

Research: Elerium

Requirements: 1 salvaged UFO Power Source, 10 Elerium
Unlocks: Improved Arc Thrower project (Foundry)

Research: Alien Nav Computer

Requirements: 2 salvaged UFO flight computer
Unlocks: Satellite Nexus Facility, Stealth Satellites project (Foundry)

Research: Hyperwave Communication

Requirements: Alien Nav Computer research, 1 salvaged Hyperwave Beacon, 30 alloys, 30 Elerium
Unlocks: Hyperwave Relay facility

Research: Ethereal Device

Requirements: 1 salvaged Psi-Link from Ethereal UFO
Unlocks: Gollop Chamber facility

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