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Xbox Lockhart rumours bolstered by Windows datamine

(Image credit: Microsoft Xbox)

More evidence has surfaced to support the rumours of another next-gen Xbox console to follow the release of the Xbox Series X later this year, currently codenamed Xbox Lockhart

As reported by IGN, security researcher TitleOS discovered several references to the console tucked away in the backend code of their Windows’ System32 library files, sat underneath the codenames for all other members of the Xbox family.

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While rumours of a less powerful companion to the Xbox Series X have been swirling for some time, Microsoft has refused to comment on its existence, making this discovery the closest we've come to it being officially confirmed. 

As part of its Xbox 20/20 plans, the company is holding another digital event later this month, where it could finally lift the lid on the specifications, release date, and features of the Lockhart console. 

A previous report has suggested Project Lockhart will boast a 1440p resolution and run games at 60 frames-per-second but, like that of the Xbox One S All Digital Edition, won't include a disc drive, and thus rely heavily on Microsoft's Xbox Game Pass service for users to enjoy a library of titles. 

We'll let you know if and when we hear anything more about Microsoft's next gen plans.

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