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WTF is Dead Island: Secret Origins?! [SUPER SPONSORED]

Dead Island: How Happen? Obviously, an undead outbreak can occur anywhere and anytime, but how exactly does this virus spread as far as a remote, tropical paradise? GR might have the answer! And the good folks at Deep Silver have given us the opportunity to tell our side of Dead Island story. [FULL DISCLOSURE: Deep Silver ponied up the dough for the video -we wrote, shot and said whatever we wanted.]

Above: It's not advertorial, it's ADVERTAINMENT!

Oh, we%26rsquo;re not gonna tell you everything just yet. This here%26rsquo;s just a teaser. The first episode of Dead Island: Secret Origins premieres Tuesday, July 19th, so get your affairs in order. Things are gonna get real bloody, real stupid, real quick%26hellip; Head hereto stay updated on our saga, Dead Island: Secret Origins, and - oh yeah - enter for win afive night trip for twoto the goddamned Bahamas.

Jul 15, 2011