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Win a Blu-ray of the new Child's Play movie

Chucky and Andy playing a game together in Child's Play.
(Image credit: Universal Pictures )

Killer doll Chucky is back! But this time he's got a rather different motivation…

In the original 1988 horror favourite, a Chucky doll was possessed by the spirit of a murderer after he chanted some voodoo mumbo-jumbo. The new reboot movie takes a different path, following a Budi doll a walking, talking AI which can learn and interact with household systems which has its safety protocols switched off by a disgruntled factory worker. The result: a Chucky (voiced by Mark Hamill) who just wants to make his new owner Andy happy, but horribly misunderstands the best way to go about it…

Featuring Parks & Recreation's Aubrey Plaza as Andy's mum, this new take on Child's Play very effectively combines gruesome gore and jet-black comedy with a surprising amount of emotion you might actually find yourself feeling sorry for Chucky! We reckon it might be better than the original.

Child's Play is available to buy in Blu-ray, DVD and download formats now, with bonus features including a commentary by director Lars Klevberg. Thanks to Universal Pictures, we have five Blu-ray copies to give away. To put your name in the hat for the chance to win one, simply answer the following question. 

(Image credit: Universal Pictures)