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We haven't seen any trailers for FNAF Security Breach yet, but this leak has reveal its characters

(Image credit: Scott Cawthon)

A tweet from cute collectible manufacturers Funko has unveiled the roster of characters heading to the next Five Nights at Freddy's game, Security Breach, before the game itself was able to do so.

While these kinds of posts usually end up with a deleted tweet and some blurry screenshots, interestingly, Funko's tweet remains online despite a flurry of protests from disgruntled fans, suggesting the reveal was perhaps not a mistake.

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As yet, we only know the name of the next instalment of the fan-favourite horror series, but now – thanks to Funko – we can see which characters will be making an appearance (and likely making you jump, too). 

If this screenshot of creator Scott Cawthon is to be believed, he asks fans "not to let any of this bother you too much" and promises that "things will be happening very, very differently going forward" (thanks, Comic Book).

While one of Funko's pre-order links takes you to a dead page, Walmart is ready and waiting to take your pre-order, offering a release date of September 17th, 2020. Perhaps that date will coincide with a release date? Hmm. Watch this space…

Some fans also seem a little disappointed by the Funko line itself, too, particularly the range of "mystery minis" which feature 12 variants of just five characters, including flocked, glitter and glow, and metallic versions. 

In other FNAF news, Five Nights at Freddy's: Help Wanted surprise landed on Nintendo Switch in May. The news was announced by developer Steel Wool Studios alongside a new launch trailer for the survival horror sequel, which marked the seventh entry in the long-running series, which became hugely popular after its first game caught fire amongst streamers and YouTubers when it released in 2014. 

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