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Watch 35 minutes of Prey gameplay and see 7 ways it lets you be an asshole in space

In Prey, you have the freedom and power to wreak havoc and just enough paranoia to actually feel justified in doing it. Bethesda has published a new video showing the first 35 minutes players will spend with the game; on top of establishing some of the early mind-tricks the game will play, it proves Prey will carry on the grand "immersive sim" tradition of letting players act like complete assholes. Just the most heinous, unrepentant dickbags.

But this time, you can blame all of your inexcusable behavior on aliens! Look!

Coffee mug might be a mimic, better throw it

That woman's only light is definitely a mimic

Window? Pfft, more like mimi-whaHUH?

I'm sure someone else will clean up all this GLOO

Sure, start a fire ON A SPACE STATION. In SPACE

Taking peels from the trash WTF is wrong with you

Top it all off by stealing your secretary's embarrassing password

You can start smashing coffee mugs and secretly taking their place when Prey is released on May 5, 2017.

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