Want a Gears 2 t-shirt?

Epic Games has signed a deal with mysterious company Inno-Wear, described as "European leader in textile and accessories under videogame licenses" (read: they make game t-shirts), to produce merchandise based on Gears of War 2.

The company already hold licenses for Xbox, Resident Evil, Unreal Tournament, Mario, Sonic and Zelda.

"We are delighted that Epic has entrusted us with Gears of Wars, reinforcing our position as the leader in gaming licensing. Our challenge is now to develop unique end-of-the-year offers for our European distributors," declared Aurelien Palasse, development director.

Unfortunately, a glance at theofficial sitedoesn't make much sense. All we know is that "the apocalyptic world of Marcus Fenix and his Delta Squad will be available through Inno-Wear's multiple brands in time for the official release of the game."

We'll have t-shirts with the logo on them by November, then.

Courtesy of CVG.

Mar 4, 2008