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Multiverse? Recasting? WandaVision seemingly confirms the truth behind Pietro's real identity

WandaVision Quicksilver Evan Peters
(Image credit: Marvel Studios)

Ever since Evan Peters’ Pietro sped into Westview halfway through WandaVision, we’ve been wondering what the big secret is behind his appearance. After all, he’s not Wanda’s Pietro – and is best known to fans as Quicksilver in Fox’s series of X-Men movies. Now, we have an answer of sorts. 

Spoilers for WandaVision episode 8 follow, so you’ve got one last chance to look away now, unless you want part of the mystery to be ruined.

Elizabeth Olsen in WandaVision

(Image credit: Disney/Marvel)

So, who is WandaVision’s Pietro? Part of the reveal was actually in a throwaway line that you might have missed among all the exposition. He’s partly a creation of Agatha Harkness. As Kathryn Hahn’s Sparky-killing witch explains in the opening minutes of her showdown with Wanda, "Fake Pietro" was her "eyes and ears" thanks to something called a "crystalline possession."

What that actually means is open for more debate but one thing is clear – this isn’t the MCU Pietro because his body is elsewhere ("necromancy was out of the question," quips Agatha) and that this Pietro is a poor soul being mind-controlled by Agatha to keep tabs on Wanda and to do her bidding. Oh and, sorry Darcy – that doesn’t sound like a recast to us.

Of course, that doesn’t quite rule out the multiverse theory. WandaVision spent some time pre-Hex this week, showcasing the likes of Phil Jones and Dennis the mailman existing in Westview before Wanda’s grief explosion transformed them. We’re still none the wiser as to where this person who looks exactly like Fox’s Pietro came from, as he wasn’t shown in any of those scenes.

That, it seems, could be a question for the finale. But one thing is for certain: "Fake Pietro" is under Agnes’ control thanks to her witchy powers. The last remaining mystery is whether he’s been dragged in from a parallel universe. That could certainly open the door for a magic heavy hitter like Doctor Strange to show up on her doorstop in New Jersey. Just sayin’.

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