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Walt Becker finds a Runt

Having a movie squatting at the top of the box office charts thanks to an impressive opening works wonders for your career.

Just ask Walt Becker. The man who unleashed the Wild Hogs on an unsuspecting – but obviously willing – US cinema-going public is already considering making another family comedy with John Travolta for Disney (mature father flick Old Dogs).

And now he and co-writer David Drew Gallagher have sold a project called Runt to Dimension. The pair have already set up the comedy Schooled at Touchstone, and were trying to figure out other ideas when a fresh one, brotherly laugher Runt, popped up. "We sat down and pitched each other ideas back and forth until this one surfaced," Becker told The Hollywood Reporter . "I see things (in my head) in trailers and could see this one in my mind. We beat out the story points and made a 20-page treatment."

Yeah, seeing things as a trailer. That makes us really confident. Still, what’s Runt about? Dimension is keeping the specifics close to its chest in true Hollycomedy paranoia style, but apparently it focuses on siblings who are completely different.

"I think people will relate to it even if you're not twins because it deals with sibling rivalry," the director continues. "I grew up with a brother and I was older; he was born premature. From day one he had issues with lungs, and everything was harder for him growing up. David had siblings, too. It's one of those stories that are about the golden child syndrome. We think it's got a lot of heart-warming stuff, in talking about accepting your family for who they are and getting past sibling differences."

Heart-warming… Wonderful. We’re on tenterhooks again.

Source: ( Hollywood Reporter )