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Video: PS3 Ratchet and Clank exposed

If you want to discover the wonders of Ratchet %26amp; Clank Future: Tools of Destruction for yourself, we'd suggestclicking awaynow. The video we're about to show you features action from the later levels, tackled with some of the best gadgetry in the game. Yup -we would have stuck around too.

First, you'll see the planet Viceron and the start of your break-in run on the intergalactic jail. We're not going to tell you why you're breaking in - we're not that mean. Then you'll see the into-the-screen flight section as you make your way towards the space pirates' base.

After that, we take you to the arena where we deal some swift death to Crushto - a giant cyborg shark (don't you just love Insomniac's imagination?). Finally, we head for the Iris supercomputer on the Kreeli comet, with some more space pirates attempting to block our way.

We'll have a review for you soon, but we can tell you right now that the game doesn't disappoint. Enjoy the vid, then check out theimages tab for the latest screens.

Above: Looks gorgeous, doesn't it? Just wait until you see it in HD on a big telly

Justin Towell

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