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Unofficial Bloodborne 60 FPS patch resurfaces with stunning new footage

(Image credit: FromSoftware)

Lance McDonald's unofficial Bloodborne patch which boosts the game to 60 FPS has resurfaced courtesy of Dark Souls speedrunner Distortion2, and it looks glorious.

Distortion2 has been showcasing the mod by fighting all of Bloodborne's bosses on stream, and the frame rate boost gets more impressive the more we see of it. The Orphan of Kos seems to move even more wildly and fluidly at 60 FPS, and it's much easier to appreciate the grotesque movements of monstrosities like Ebrietas when everything looks so crisp. A higher frame rate also means more precise-feeling controls, and the game's iconic morphing weapons have never looked cleaner. 

As McDonald pointed out when he first unveiled the patch in October 2020, Bloodborne is hard capped at 30 FPS even on new hardware – now including the PS5 on top of the PS4 Pro – and this is exacerbated by inconsistent frame timing which sometimes creates a sluggish effect. But with this unofficial patch behind it, Bloodborne sings. At the time, McDonald said that he would hold the patch to give Sony and From Software a chance to update the game to make use of modern hardware – in the same way games like Dark Souls 3 and Sekiro do – but with no movement on that end, we may see this unofficial patch out in the wild sooner rather than later. 

Update: We reached out to McDonald for more information, and he confirmed that he'll release the Bloodborne patch "in a few weeks" as a Windows program. Those interested in running it "have to supply their own backed up copy of Bloodborne and the reprogram modifies their game files for them." 

No word on an official Bloodborne patch yet, but at least we've got a God of War PS5 upgrade patch to marvel at.

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