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Uncharted 3 desert village gameplay footage makes us thirsty

A week ago we got one of our last looks at Uncharted 3 before the game launches on November 1. In our preview we described Nathan Drake stumbling upon a seemingly empty desert town, then finding it occupied with henchmen out for his blood. Obviously Drake made short work of all of them, but already you knew that because you no doubt read our preview. Now Sony has released a video of that stage’s start, so you can enjoy it all for yourselves right now…

Our favorite bit about this footage is how it showcases the Uncharted franchise’s ability to change things up at a moments notice. You thought you could just safely jump on that roof without it caving in? You think you’ll find drinkable water at the bottom of that well? You thought just because they made this creepy, deserted city you won’t stumble upon a bunch of thugs when you least suspect it? Also, whoever is playing this game knows their stuff. We hope we can look at least half as cool as that when we play the stage.

Oct 12. 2011

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