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Twilight Forge appears in D&D Online

We remember slapping down at least a twenty for a module when we wanted a new adventure in our old-school Dungeons & Dragons tabletop days. So, it came as a pleasant surprise when we heard that the second content module for the massively multiplayer Dungeons & Dragons Online: Stormreach is going to be completely free for subscribers.

The Twilight Forge expansion not only offers up a new group adventure, but introduces a new player race to the mix - the Drow. The Drow are better known as the Dark Elves, and bring with them a host of new monsters from the D&D universe.

Following the addition of solo adventuring in the first content upgrade, the developers have updated the grouping tools, added an in-game mail system and increased content for players of all levels.

The module becomes available today.

July 13, 2006