TV REVIEW Stargate Atlantis 4.18 "Kindred, Part 1"

Original US air date: 22/2/08

Written by: Joseph Mallozzi, Paul Mullie

Directed by: Peter F Woeste


The One Where: The Hoffan plague breaks out in the Pegasus Galaxy. Todd asks for Atlantis’s research, and in exchange he reveals who’s behind the outbreak – Michael. And Michael’s been busy – he’s turning the Athosians into Wraith hybrids, he’s abducted Teyla, and he’s got Beckett holed up in a cell on his base!

Verdict: This really feels like it’s building up to an awesome season finale, and since this season has been disappointing, it’s a welcome upswing. Great to have Michael back again, he’s a fantastic villain and he’s done some really interesting stuff since his last appearance. Fab twist with the reappearance of Beckett at the end, too!

Trivia: This two-parter was given the working title “Rise of the Googlions”. It doesn’t mean anything, though.

Continuity: The Hoffan plague originated in season one’s “Poisoning the Well”. It was meant to repel the Wraith but killed half the humans exposed to it. McKay references the events of “No Man’s Land”, “Duet”, “McKay and Mrs Miller” and “No Man’s Land” in describing the strange things that have happened to him.

Gaffe: Carter delivers the line, “The random nature of this drug’s distribution is clear and calculated.” Spot the contradiction in that statement.

Best Line:
Teyla: "I purchased the pendant from an artisan in Croya, the village we are about to visit. Among the Athosians it’s quite common to present such gifts as expressions of admiration and respect."
Ronon [to McKay]: "Hey, maybe I’ll pick you something up while we’re there."
McKay: "Really?"
Ronon: "No."

Leah Holmes

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