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Party Fun Pirate - WiiWare

Hold still while I poke you with my dagger, mmmkay? This trailer reminds me of a joke I heard in elementary school about taking a turn %26ldquo;in the barrel.%26rdquo;

The titular %26ldquo;fun pirate%26rdquo; seems to rather enjoy getting prodded through the barrel from various angles, but the real clincher is the option to drop a tied-up a Mii into the glory hole. I simply can not believe that this deviant perversity is rated E. %26ldquo;Comic mischief%26rdquo; my ass.

Above: Careful what you wish for

Above: Ashton Anchors will piss himself when he sees this

Crime Scene %26ndash; DS

This trailer is definitely a crime scene, and the victim is good taste. %26ldquo;Fine Comb the crime scene to find evidences!%26rdquo; is detective-talk for, %26ldquo;Rub your stylus all over the screen till you hit the right pixel, you idiotic chimp!%26rdquo; To further reinforce that you%26rsquo;ll spend most of the game using your eye or eyes, look for the eye strategically superimposed on the M in the logo. But why put the eye precisely on the letter M? As a tribute to Hitchcock%26rsquo;sDial M for Murder?

Or possibly an homage to Fritz Lang%26rsquo;s 1931 expressionist/noir masterpieceM?

Or are my detective skills being clouded by my love for geeky film references? More importantly, who cares when you can use a UV light to discover bodily fluids in the carpet?

Above: All evidences point to a rowdy game of Party Fun Pirate

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