Trailer Trash

Kitten Corner %26ndash; DS

With over 35 fur colors and markings to choose from, Kitten Corner has clearly outmatched its competitors in the rabidly competitive cat sim space. Of the 15 mission types promised, I%26rsquo;m most looking forward to Laser Beam.

Puppy Playtime - DS

Alliteration is a frequently used literary device. It%26rsquo;s like assonance, but less subtle. In the right hands, alliteration can be used to brilliant comedic effect (see the title of this very feature.) In the wrong hands, alliteration is like watching a dog eat its own turds. Guess which one Puppy Playtime is?

Pony Paradise %26ndash; DS

Rounding out this week%26rsquo;s Triple Crown of awful pet games is Pony Paradise, a one-way trip to the glue factory that has absolutely no reason to exist.

Above: Yo, dog! Your pony has the mange!

Apr 23, 2009

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