Thursday Sci Fi News Link-A-Mania

Marvel gets Lost
There will be a number of references to the new season of Lost in various Marvel Comics out on 30 January, reports Sci Fi Wire . Check out titles such as Uncanny X-Men, Incredible Hercules, Thunderbolts and Wolverine Origins for subtle little crossovers.

"Trust our reps," says Battlestar's Ronald D Moore
As the writers' strike reaches a delicate stage in its negotiations, Battlestar Galactica supremo Ronald D Moore has posted a entry on his blog calling for members of the union to place their trust in their leaders. He says: "The last thing we need is for writers to be bitching anonymously to the media (like Patrick Goldstein claimed in an incredibly slanted column this week) or, worse yet, for high-profile members (like a certain former president of the Guild) to be sending out public 'letters' saying how the DGA deal is so great and putting public pressure on the negotiators to just take it already at the very moment they need to keep all their cards to themselves. It’s both foolish and self-destructive and they should all know better."

Yet another Iron Man pic has apparently released another new pic from the Iron man movie, but frankly we’re having trouble telling them apart now.