Thursday Link-A-Mania

James Marsters as Buzz Aldrin
James (Spike) Marsters is to star as Buzz Aldrin in an ITV1 docu-drama about the moon landing, alongside Andrew (Afterlife) Lincoln as Michael Collins. The show, called Moonshot, is being produced by Dangerous Films for broadcast sometime in 2009. It will include interviews with the real-life heroes of the space race as well. This all sounds a bit worthy for ITV1.

A Old Friend Returns to Sarah Jane Adventures
According to Outpost Gallifrey a very special guest star from the classic Whoniverse will make a guest appearance in a forthcoming Sarah Jane Adventures story, battling against some familiar monsters. If you want to know who highlight the following: The Brigadier and the Sontarans . It’ll be just like old times.

Kilmer is Playing KITT on Automatic
Val Kilmer tells Coming Soon that he will continue to provide the voice of KITT in the series of Knight Rider. And is it any wonder, considering it seems like easy money. "I do a whole show in 3 or 4 hours,” he admits. Wonder if he phones in his performance? Not that that would be a first…