Three shots to the head

Ever since ourtantalizing encounter with Stranglehold at E3, we've been hounding publisher Midway for more details on John Woo's shooter. Midway finally responded with three new screens that you can view by clicking that Images tab above. The best estimate for when we can expect this game to hit stores is still Spring 2007, so it'll be awhile before we actually get to touch it, sadly.

The presence of action film star Chow Yun Fat alone is enough to ensure a bullet orgy of epic proportions, so it comes as no surprise that these new screens are packed with gunplay. What they don't show off are Fat's acrobatic environmental interactions that you can smoothly initiate whenever presented with a bar to slide across or a wall to run up and flip off of. For that kind of action, you'll want to click the Movies tab... heck, do it even if you've seen it already - it's that mindblowing (but you knew that already and thusly are already half-way through clicking).

August 3, 2006