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Watch Prey tease its "Would you kindly?" moment right at the start [SPOILERS]

You probably already know that Prey takes place on a space station overrun by killer shape-shifting aliens. You'll have that advantage over protagonist Morgan Yu, who starts the game believing they're living in a nice apartment overlooking a futuristic city on Earth. Things fall apart within the first hour, as they do, but it turns out there's a little hint toward what's really going just a few minutes after starting. Oh, and spoiler warning! Don't watch this if you don't want to see one of the game's early secrets.

If Prey sneaks in an intentional glitch to subvert the gaming expectations we've built up over years within the first five minutes, I can't wait to see what clever tricks it pulls in the hours after that. It's been far too long since we've had a good "Would you kindly?" moment, don't you think?

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Connor Sheridan
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