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The Week In Sci-Fi

Zack Snyder visits Blighty, Chuck returns and we all watch far too much Batman ...


Batman breaks the curse of King Tut on ITV4 from 2:55pm.

Taking Alan Moore’s masterful graphic novels and twisting them beyond all recognition, The League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen can be found embarrassing itself on Film4 at 6:55pm.

Dodgy Invasion Of The Body Snatchers remake featuring Nicole Kidman Invasion surfaces on Channel Five tonight at 9pm.

The Event continues to intrigue on Channel 4 at 11:10pm.

The Leeds Young People’s Film Festival takes place all this week across Leeds, and includes the We Love Anime Roadshow. For more information and tickets, visit here .


The Powells unleash their powers on the box in No Ordinary Family on Sky Living at 8pm.

He went away, and then he came back - The Mummy Returns on Sky One at 9pm.

Meanwhile out in the real world, Sucker Punch , Watchmen and soon-to-be Superman director Zack Snyder presses the flesh as Forbidden Planet’s London megastore from 6pm tonight.


Back to make Wednesdays its own (and about time too) Fringe continues on Sky One from 10pm.

Ben Affleck demonstrates how to ruin a perfectly good superhero movie in Daredevil on BBC Three at 10pm.


Author Eric Brown heads to town for a signing at Forbidden Planet’s London megastore from 6pm.

ITV4, we salute your and your efforts to keep Batman on the TV. Catch the Bat at 3:00pm.

Chuck 's fourth season resumes tonight on Sky Living from 8. Well done Thursday night, you're looking good...

Sylvester Stallone and Wesley Snipes takes turns kicking each other in the face in Demolition Man , on ITV4 at 9.

More alien adventures in V , on Syfy from 9pm.

The Horror Channel celebrates the work of director Tobe Hooper tonight and tomorrow night with exclusive interviews and screenings of his work including Texas Chain Saw Massacre and Salem’s Lot .


Stakes ahoy in True Blood , 10pm over on FX tonight.

If you fancy further Friday night frights, then you might get something out of Halloween H20: 20 Years Later on BBC One at 11:50pm.


It’s A Radiophonic Weekend at the Cube cinema in Bristol will be celebrating the ground-breaking, myth-making work of Delia Derbyshire and her team at the BBC’s famed Radiophonic Workshop.

Perfect pastiche Galaxy Quest makes a timely Saturday afternoon appearance on BBC One at 2:55pm.

If you've been watching the mid-week re-runs on ITV4, you'll definitely want to catch Adam West's feature length Batman on Film4 today at 4:50pm.

Marty McFly and Doc Brown cause time-travelling chaos in the mighty Back To The Future , on ITV2 at 6:45pm.

Get a fix of late-night madness with I'm A Cyborg, But That's OK , on Film 4 at 1:15am.


Mel Gibson is cryogenically frozen and then bought back to life 53 years later in Forever Young on ITV3 at 5:45.

More Michael J Fox-based time-hopping on ITV2 at 5:50pm in Back To The Future 2 .

Extra-terrestrial killers return to wage war on LA in Predator 2 tonight; Danny Glover fans might want to head over to E4 at 10pm.

Rounding off a hell of a week for Batfans, Tim Burton's fine spin on Batman is on at 10:45pm on ITV2.