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The Top 7... Games you don't want for Christmas

Above: People are always willing to trample over their fellow man for a fancy piece of plastic if demand exceeds supplies

In case you can’t tell, some of us here at GamesRadar hate Christmas. Some of us loathe the crowds, the waste, the shopping, and the mandatory cheer. So we figured it’d be a good time to channel our Christmas contempt towards the worst games that 2008 had to offer, the ones you definitely do not want to receive this holiday.

Even the most die-hard Castlevania fans will find little to like in Konami’s frumpy fighter, Castlevania Judgment. The icky and overly emo character designs make Judgment one of the ugliest Castlevania games we’ve ever seen. Lengthy cutscenes that trigger every time you use one of the Hyper Finisher moves can’t be skipped, which quickly makes one of the game’s coolest features the most irritating. Clumsy controls and the way Judgment requires you to beat the story mode repeatedly just to unlock a decent amount of fighters only adds insult to injury.

Above: Ugh! Take a cold shower and put some clothes on, you slutty Simon! We’ll be playing Order of Ecclesia in the meantime