The Top 7... Ballsiest facets of Modern Warfare 2

We really can’t stand by Infinity Ward on this one. Dedicated servers are such an important part of PC gaming culture that it seems ludicrous to exclude them. And the PC community generally forms the most robust and active sector of a game’s fanbase - why would you want to short them?

Above: Of course, the ingenuity of the PC crowd prevailed, and the servers have already been cracked to pieces

Not only that, the PC version was delayed until two days after the console versions went on sale. Again, what the hell? Way to alienate the players who supported a little game called “Call of Duty” back in 2003.

A developer with less balls would have…
In a not-stupid move, respected the PC community.

1. Fight Against Grenade Spam

Infinity Ward did pull and apologize for (sort of) this lapse in sanity, and while it has already been discussed to death, it clearly belongs as the end of this list. Seriously, what the hell? How did someone not say, “Hey, wait a minute guys…not everyone is a 14-year-old douchebag from homophobiaville. I think some people may not appreciate this.” No filter whatsoever thought this was a bad idea? Amazing.

Above: About ten seconds before this video goes from amusing to insulting

If you somehow missed the controversy, Infinity Ward released what could have been a light-hearted jab at grenade spammers.The viral machinimais actually pretty amusing if you’re unable to mentally generate the acronym of “Fight Against Grenade Spam,” which clearly plays into the hateful sensibilities of the shallow-minded dipshits who spam online matches with similar slurs.

Above: Fail

We’re clearly not a bunch of whiny political correctness police- we’ve made jokes that’d make Bob Saget flinch. But we’re also not promoting a major game. What the hell were they thinking?

No one believes that IW intended to be mean-spirited or promote an antagonistic view of homosexuality. Clearly not. But this video was very foolish and absolutely baffling - the problem is not just the use of the word, but that the kind of people who will respond to it are actually hateful douchebags. These are not people we want to give any credence to.

A developer with less balls would have…
Thought about this before doing it. Sometimes being edgy and brash isn’t for the best.

Nov 16, 2009

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