The Times in "Sony Wii" blunder

Have you ever heard of the 'Sony Wii' before? We haven't, but The Times newspaper has - it mentioned it in an opinion piece about GTA this weekend.

While the paper shrugged off the usual 'GTA IV will ruin society' view that mainstream media takes with Rockstar's series, it's ironic that it should throw out any potentially-earned respect from the hardcore gaming crowd by making up its own gaming format.

Discussing how absorbing recent games, including GTA IV, can be, the piece says: "The latest games designed for the Sony Wii console can even force players to break sweat."

It's not exactly a simple typo. It's almost as if the PS2 era, when 'PlayStation' was synonymous in the mainstream world with the term 'videogame', has spilled over into the present, when Wii is the only console these non-gamer types have heard of.

At least they appreciate the game: "The result of three years' work by 150 developers, it will draw tens of millions of users into an urban dystopia modeled closely on New York and realised in such staggering detail that the protagonist can relax between sessions spent prowling the city's virtual streets."

Kudos for not penning a morality hissy fit, but pleaseget key details such as console names right, for heaven's sake. You're supposed to be a professional newspaper.


Courtesy of CVG.

Apr 28, 2008