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The Slormlancer is like a silly pixel art Diablo, and it's out on Early Access

The Slormlancer (not a typo), a Diablo-like action RPG with pixel graphics and a decidedly more tongue-in-cheek tone, has launched on Steam Early Access.

As it is with ARPGs, hacking, slashing, looting, upgrading, and skilling up is the name of the game in The Slormlancer, but here we get a sense of humor that could be refreshing if you're tired of the typically grim genre trappings. 

Developer Slormlite Studios describes The Slormlancer as "an absurd yet epic" ARPG with "an irrational story," but the game looks a lot more substantive than its silliness suggests. There are three different classes to choose from with 200 unique abilities, upgrades, and passives each, as well as 120 different weapons, seven distinct environments, over 400 achievements to unlock, and even a standalone soundtrack you can buy.

"The Slormancer is an epic 2D Action-RPG Dungeon Crawling game following a band of outcasts on their fight against hordes of enemies led by The Slormancer! Play as a 'Mighty' Knight, a 'Fierce' Huntress or a 'Mischievous' Mage, master hundreds of abilities and ancestral powers, gear up, fight for the reputation of your kind and prove your value to the realm," reads the synopsis.

Slormlite says a couple of the features you see in the above trailer aren't available in the Early Access version, most notably the complete Ancestral skill tree and elemental-related skills, which you'll need the full game to unlock.

You can snag The Slormlancer for 12% off for the Early Access launch week, after which it'll be $15 until the inevitable price increase accompanying the full release. Speaking of which, it'll launch on PC and consoles "when it's ready."

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