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The eight most talked about stories of the week (25-29 January 2010)

A lot of stuff happens in the world of games every week - some of which you might have missed. Here's a quick round-up of what we considered to be the most talked about news stories of the past five days....

Apple announces iPad; you need a bigger pocket

The Onion's take on the iPad

Eight reasons why the iPad sucks

The iPad compared to a load of other handheld devices

Techno-gent Stephen Fry gives his thoughts

Funny Or Die take the piss

The most unoriginal iPad statement of the week

A comparison with a 'stone' tablet

Xbox 360 exclusivity period for GTA IV DLC expires

Less than a week ago Rockstar promised that it would be good to the PS3 this year. In a Q and A on their website the publisher recognised the "frustration" felt by PS3 owners that they hadn't been able to play any of the GTA IV DLC yet.

It was a timely statement because just a few days later PS3 owners were presumably overjoyed to hear that Episodes from Liberty City is now coming to their console on March 10 2010.

Can't say we were that surprised.

Alan Wake - a bit like a TV show

In a short interview with CVG

We think she's alluding to the episodic nature of the game, which will play out like a multi-part TV show. Although in fairness, her quote probably makes a better soundbite.

3D sports games - new gimmick for EA Sports to trademark

In another interview with CVG

This makes 2011's EA Sports catalogue easy to predict - just stick the words 3D after all their franchises: FIFA 2012 3D, Madden NFL 2012 3D etc.

One thing to file away in the 'statement that someone said that may come back to haunt them' folder is Moore's belief that the best 3D games will be designed from the ground up to support a 3D platform, rather than just 3Difying existing titles. Let's see if stays true to his word.

Resident Evil creator must like Halo


Nintendo said 'Meh' to Natal tech years ago

That's according to a key Nintendo insider

The reasoning? Satoru Iwata, ultimate boss, believed it wouldn't be able to sell the device at a price that would be attractive to the Nintendo audience.

Teens spend too long on their lazy asses

Well, they do.

Come on guys, that's at least 38 minutes too long.

Modern Warfare 2 knife stuck on face