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The Division Intel Collectibles location guide

Stuyvesant - level 18-19

You might notice things getting a tad more challenging as we scour Stuyvesant for its 17 pieces of intel.

Incident Report - Opportunities, Riker Reports

The first piece of intel we'll grab is along the western edge of the district.

It's at the intersection of E 20th and 1st.

You'll find it on one of the police cars parked outside of the bistro.

Echo - Snowball

The echo is in the middle of the district.

It's in the area between the four large apartment buildings here.

The echo is on the north side of the tree.

Phone Recording - Survivor Diary, Survivor 6

This is right next to the echo we just found in the middle of the district.

It's next to a stall to the west of the tree.

Survival Guide - Page 45

This page is in the southwest of the district.

It's inside a building along the southerly edge.

The building at this location has a ladder leading up to some open windows, so climb on up.

Hop through the window and around to the right.

You'll find it on the floor by the green armchair.

Phone Recording - Survivor Diary, Survivor 5

Head down to the southwest corner of the district.

There's a makeshift wall along here.

The phone is on the ground next to the sign on the left.

Phone Recording - Survivor Diary, Survivor 8

The next one is over to the east.

It's on the south side of the L-shaped building here.

Scaffolding runs along this side of the building.

Go over to the left side where the hut is.

The phone is behind the fence next to it.

Phone Recording - Vitaly Tchernenko, Vitaly Tchernenko's Journal 6

Make your way to the underground entrance in the east of the district.

It's the entrance on the south side of the street that you want.

Go straight down and around the corner to the right.

The recording is in the area full of ticket machines, on a mattress in the corner.

Incident Report - Authority, Riker Reports

The report is off Avenue C, to the east.

It's in the westernmost of the collection of buildings here.

You'll find the entrance decorated with wreaths, and some open windows to the right.

Hop through the window.

The report is on the table.

Phone Recording - Vigilante, Vigilante 3

This one is in the same area as the report we just picked up, on the north side of the buildings.

You'll find a crane here.

The recording is behind it, to the right.

Phone Recording - Nurse, Nurse 1

The next one is behind a building to the south of the safe house.

Head around to the back of the tents set up here.

Climb through the open window by the porta-potties.

Go out into the hallway and into the apartment at the end, on the left.

Climb through the window to the back where the yellow tent has been set up.

You'll find the recording along the left side.

Phone Recording - Nurse, Nurse 3

The recording is along the waterfront to the northeast.

It's just off Avenue C.

Head past the benches towards the chess tables.

The recording is on the ground here.

Incident Report - Medical Care, Riker reports

The report is along FDR Drive in the northeast.

It's next to an upturned stretcher amongst the line of ambulances under the overpass.

Survival Guide - Page 46

Continue north along FDR Drive.

Go through to the courtyard to the west.

There's a building on the north side with an open window. Head through.

The page is in the back room.

Echo - Alexis Kwan, Part 3

Don't leave the building we were just in , as the echo is in here.

Go out to the hallway and through to the stairwell at the end.

Enter the corridor at the top of the stairs.

Go through the open doorway on the right.

The echo is in here.

Echo - Safe House, Rogue Agent

Make your way to the west to find the next echo.

There's a play area outside of the apartment building.

The echo is down the steps just behind it.

Phone Recording - Nurse, Nurse 3

Keep heading west for the next piece of intel.

A CERA camp is set up outside of the buildings.

Go around to the left side of the camp.

The recording is on a table here.

Phone Recording - Survivor Diary, Survivor 7

The last piece of intel in the district is inside a building off E 23rd St.

The entrance is on the south side.

It'll be to the left as you enter.

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