The console war is OVER!

We hate war. All this bickering about exclusives and online support and which console has a more phallic controller, well, it makes us sick. There’s already more than enough war in the world, and definitely not enough love, sweet love.

In the spirit of peacemaking, we’ve envisioned a game industry filled with love, and we’re sharing it with you in the only way we know how - with tasteless illustrations by resident art geek Tyler Wilde.

Our first pièce de résistance features J Allard, Microsoft’s Corporate Vice President of the Design and Development, Entertainment and Devices Division (D&DE&DD?) and Jack Tretton, president and CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment America.

Jack has previously criticized Microsoft's willingness to throw money at every exclusive it can gobble up, but he's beyond that now - way beyond it. Who could resist that beautiful dome?

Disclaimer: Artist’s rendering, this probably never happened