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The best of CheatPlanet April 19-23rd

A busy week here at CheatPlanet, with two totally new, exclusive guides going up for all your Splinter Cell and Monster Hunter Tri needs. In the meantime, get ready for some Super Street Fighter IV coverage next week and an upcoming 3D Dot Game Heroes guide on the horizon. Until then keep those cheat submissions coming, and remember to include some sort of contact info with your submission if you want a chance at winning some totally acceptable prizes!

Monster Hunter Tri

Hot off the internet presses, we’ve got our Monster Hunter Tri: Monster guide up for your enjoyment. This is just part one, so expect some additional updates to it next week. Also, keep your eyes peeled for some more Monster Hunter Tri guides and FAQs coming soon, as we’ve got more stuff lined up for all you hunters.

Splinter Cell Conviction

While we did post a text FAQ last week for Splinter Cell: Conviction, this one right here has pictures and additional info. If only Sam Fisher would’ve used our guide, maybe he could have saved his daughter.

The Sims 3: World Adventures

We just got a nice debug cheat from one *SanyelReynolds*, who gave us the scoop on a Sims 3 code that allows you to unlock some special items from the World Adventures add-on pack without having to globe trot all over the place. Pangu’s Axe is finally within reach! (I have no idea what Pangu’s axe is).

Apr 23, 2010

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