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The 22 most amazing toys at Comic-con

Transformers Seacons from Hasbro
There are about a zillion transformers this year. Why choose these specific ones? Because they’re Gen 1 revivals and I remember when these colors were so “in” that everything from clothes to hairdryers to cars came in these same gaudy shades of purple and turquoise.

Hot Wheels Wonder Woman’s Invisible Jet by Mattel
The pessimist says “I just paid twice the cost of an actual Hot Wheels car for an empty box.” But the optimist replies “But it’s an official release and it’s friggin’ brilliant.” That’s two total victories for Mattel this year. Just don’t look for this one in the official catalog. It might be tough to locate.

Tin Toy by Mindstyle
The start of one of Pixar’s most heartwarming short films is our first exception to my “no statues” rule. If the sight of this beautifully sculpted little drummer guy doesn’t make you smile, there’s a good chance you’re a machine. Better get that checked.

Castle Crashers from Behemoth
Though the toy world may have known about these pint-sized crusaders, they were new to me. All seven are fantastic: four knights, the king, the enemy, and even behemoth’s chubby chicken mascot.

Dr Who Eleven Doctors box from Underground Toys
Terrible pic of an incredibly cool box set featuring every incarnation of the Doctor thus far. Get ‘em now, before the Doctor dies again and it’s incomplete.

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