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The 22 most amazing toys at Comic-con

Comic-con may be all about comics (and increasingly, movies, TV and videogames), but for me, the best part of the show is actually the toys. Nowhere else can you see such a huge range of classic collectibles, con-only exclusives, and ridiculously expensive, ultra-detailed scale models and movie replicas. This article is my own quick little drool-fest over the best toys at Comic-con 2010.

There are three caveats. First, this is my personal list, not an encyclopedia. So no cryin’ in the comments about how I didn’t include the giant Galactus from Mattel, the TRON kubrick, or whatever. These are my favorites. Secondly, I’ve tried to stick to toys – as in, things you can handle and play with. So you’ll only see a few statues or authentic 1:1 movie prop replicas. If I was going to include all of those worthy of mention, I’d just have linked to the sites for Sideshow collectibles and eFx and been done with it. And finally, I’m a writer, not a photographer. Be ready.

Enough talk. Time for pictures.

Masters of the Universe Mo-LARR and Skeletor (con exclusive) from Robot Chicken and Mattel
I can’t believe this happened. TV show Robot Chicken does a skit making fun of Masters of the Universe and instead of suing, Mattel helps create a figure for it. Check out Skeletor's missing tooth. The packaging even makes it look like he's in the dentist’s chair. Brilliant. Note: This is the manufacturer’s picture, because mine all sucked.

Drinky Bartender R2-D2 from Kenner (name coined by author - Can you believe the tag just called it "R2-D2"?)

Artoo's famous temp job as a booze-slinger, finally immortalized in toy form. How can any Star Wars fan of legal drinking age NOT buy one?

Bioshock 2 Eleanor Lamb as Big Sister (con exclusive) from NECA
A gorgeous, exclusive figure of a pivotal character in one of our favorite games of the year. It’s a bit of a spoiler, but a glorious one.

Star Wars LEGO Cube Dudes (con exclusive) from LEGO

I’m not normally a huge fan of superdeformed versions of beloved charactrers or LEGOs that masquerade as action figures, but these were simply adorable in person. My pic came out a bit blurry, so I’m included LEGO’s own art as well.

Gears of War 3 everything from NECA
This one almost didn’t make the cut because technically, NECA’s Gears 3 figures weren’t at the show. What we did see was a diorama showing off the existing line, as well as two massive 12” prototypes of upcoming Dom and Marcus figures. Based upon the level of amazing pouring out of those bad boys, the whole series made the list.

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