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TGS 2011: Mario Kart 7 vid justifies the hang-gliders, introduces puke-inducing first-person mode

It's turning into quite the day for getting excited about Nintendo games that I previously could raise barely an audible snore in aid of. First Skyward Sword suddenly starts looking like the freshest, most innovative Zelda possibly ever. Then Super Mario 3D Land gives me a sharp, zesty shock from the trusty wall-socket of giddy, old-school Mario-awe. And now another bloody Mario Kart comes along, but manages to affront me completely by actually looking fun and exciting. The cheeky sod.

Anyway, in Retro Studios I trust. They've proven repeatedly that they can freshen up old Nintendo franchises while staying effortlessly true to the originals, so I don't see why they won't here. And well, you know.... Just imagine how awesomely you'll puke when pulling a 3D first-person power-slide. Really awesomely, that's how awesomely.

September 13, 2011