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Tar Pit flames out in Flash: Fastest Man Alive #8

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Flash gets his legs under him and his boots on the ground for another installment of DC Digital First's Fastest Man Alive series. This time, in June 12's Flash: Fastest Man Alive #8, Barry Allen celebrates a parade in his own honor in the story "Rain on My Parade" by Dave Wielgosz, David Lafuente, Luis Guerrero, and Rob Leigh – by stressing out about whether he can stop Tar Pit from destroying Central City at the same time.

Here's DC's official synopsis for "Rain on My Parade": "It’s the Flash Parade and everyone’s so excited...except for Barry Allen. This is his least favorite day of the year. Can a superhero showdown with the villainous Tar Pit show Barry the best side of the parade or will the day be ruined?"

Tar Pit is one of the more recent Flash Rogues – though he still dates back to 2001 when he debuted as an enemy of Wally West. As his name implies, he's essentially a being of living hot tar.

Then, in the issue's second story by Dave Wielgosz, Dan Mora, Tamra Bonvillain, and Rob Leigh, Barry does his best to corral a dire threat that's escaped from STAR Labs.

Here's DC's synopsis for the tale, titled "Cold Case": "A radioactive beast runs rampant after an explosion at STAR Labs. But is it man or monster, and can the Flash calm the creature before it destroys Central City?"

DC Digital First's daily releases digitally republish material that was originally available only in print through DC's Giant series.

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