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Survival tips for playing Overwatch Mystery Heroes

D. Va

When you hear ‘tank’, you don’t necessarily think about a highly mobile character. D. Va breaks the mold thanks to her Rocket Boosters. They have one of the shortest cool-downs in the game, so use them liberally to flank opponents or even to knock them off ledges. Once you adapt to her short bursts of flight, you’ll be able to better harass enemy players. Plus, your ability to wipe opponents with her ultimate ability will get stratispherically better. 


Orisa is usually a solid character in mystery heroes since she’s got so much built-in protection. Not only does she have a big health pool, but her shields are more flexible than those of Reinhardt. Turtle up behind the Protective Barrier, and by the time your opponents have shredded through it, you’ll probably be able to place another. Just keep in mind that she’s a directional hero. The shields will only protect one side and Orisa isn’t terribly mobile, so check your flank whenever you can to ward off surprise attacks. If you do get caught unawares, the reduced damage from her Fortify ability might just save you.


The critical knowledge for Reinhardt is around his shield. That sucker will block any most attacks, including any physical projectiles and even some ultimate abilities. However, a few energy attacks, like Symmetra’s secondary fire or Winston’s Tesla Cannon, will go through. The range for his main attack is small, despite his lumbering bulk, so he’s really best as a damage sponge. If you find yourself flanking an opponent, that’s the best time to get a kill with his Charge.


The biggest benefit to Roadhog is his survivability. The combo of hook and shotgun blast will take down all but the tankiest heroes if you can land it. Even if your hook prowess is lacking, keep throwing it out; sometimes you might get lucky and catch a careless Tracer or a sluggish Genji. And the great thing about shotguns is that precision aiming is not a requisite. Just remember that you’ve only got four rounds in each clip, so even though you have the raw damage to handle a crowd, you do need good ammo management.


Just ignore Winston’s weapon. Yes, it’s big and shiny. But it also has low damage and a small range, so you’re better off focusing on melee attacks. Think King Kong in glasses. Leap into the back line and then swipe like mad. Or, if you can’t make it behind a charging force, then drop your defensive shield as a hub for your teammates to congregate. When enemies charge in, that’s the appropriate time to fire off your Tesla Cannon. It doesn’t require aiming, just hold down fire and hope for the best as you stomp around.


The first time most players pick up Zarya, she’s frustrating because of the short duration but long cooldown timers on her two extra abilities. These aren’t the type of buffs you can just leave up at all times. The barriers are best for clutch saves or blocking a huge swathe of ultimate damage. If her main laser weapon doesn’t jive well for you, just pretend you’re Junkrat and lob grenades with her alt fire.

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